We offer Rectangular, round corners, trapezoidal shapes cushions (non template).

I don’t see shape I want on your site.

Please select Custom shape option on the product you are ordering and enter maximum width, depth and thickness.

In order for us to manufacture custom shaped cushion, a template has to be provided if the cushion is curved. Drawings are accepted if Cushion has no curves. Each drawing and template has to contain marks for “zipper” and “ties are here”, if any ties are required.

Can I send you the old cover?

Yes, only if Customer wants to duplicate the same shaped cushion. If there are any modifications to current the old cover, a new template has to be made by the Customer and mailed to us.

What do I use as a template material?

Paper, fabric etc., or we can you mail a template kit (template material and a marker).

Dimensions from Customer are necessary to mail the right size kit.

We find fabric is more functional than paper for templates: the flexibility of fabric and using a marker to reflect curves and shapes makes building the pattern process easier and more accurate.

When your pattern is ready and cut, try it on the furniture to ensure that the pattern fits and your measurements are correct.

If a zipper is needed, please write the word “Zipper” on the desired side. If ties are required, place an arrow. Also, write “Top” and “Bottom” on two sides of the pattern.

We require your name with phone number or email address so we can notify you that we received your pattern and we are ready to send the order to production.

Shipping date is going to increase by a few business days to include the shipping time from us to the Customer and back to us.

If you are replacing existing cushions, place them on paper or fabric on a table/floor to draw the pattern.

If you are ordering cushions for furniture that does not have cushions, please use paper or light colored fabric to make patterns to capture curves and edges. Make sure to cover the whole area with paper or fabric to ensure correct measurement (fabric is more user-friendly, from our experience). Use pen or marker to draw the pattern and cut it.