Don’t settle for generic “Outdoor fillings”, KNOW what is inside the cushions you buy. Protect your cushion investment by making the right choice for your needs from Custom Cushion of Arizona, and your cushions will last you for many years to come!
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Our foam is made in USA, meets flammability requirements, and is mold resistant.

Filling Material Variations Benefits
Dry Fast Foam Softer (Used for back cushions)
Firmer (Used for Seat Cushions)
Foam fillings are shaped to the cushion, provide more support than Polyfiber, and will return to the original shape after compression.
Dry Fast is a large cell foam, perfect for outdoor and boat cushions, particularly in locations where there is high humidity, many inches of rain, or where the cushion will be used poolside. This foam dries out in minutes when in contact with water, and is somewhat on the firm side.
Indoor / Outdoor Foam Soft
Foam fillings are shaped to the cushion, provide more support than Polyfiber, and will return to the original shape after compression.
Indoor / Outdoor Foam is an open cell foam, but not as efficient at handling water as Dry Fast. This choice is excellent for indoor use, and for all but the harshest outdoor applications.
Polyfiber None Polyfiber is a loose filling which offers maximum softness, and relies on volume to provide support.
This filling is frequently used for Papasan chair cushions, throw pillows, pillow back sofas, and is quite popular for wicker furniture cushions as well. Recommended for indoor use, or outdoor use where there is some protection from the elements.

Our company covers all foam cushions with Dacron (for no additional charge) to increase the life of your cushions.

Except as specified for Dry Fast foam, we typically use the same foam for all cushions in a product (i.e. a sofa will have Indoor / Outdoor Foam – Medium in all seat and all back cushions). However we are happy to use any combination of filling you desire, for no additional charge!

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Zipper Location Based on Foam Thickness
Zipper Location Based on Foam Thickness

Foam Recommendation:

For cushions from 2″ to 2.75″ thick, we recommend Firm density foam; cushions from 3″ to 5″ thick – medium density and for cushions 5″ and thicker – soft density foam.

Dry Fast foam – recommended for outdoor use where humidity is high. Firm, large cells, mold resistant. Ideal for outdoor furniture, anti-microbial.

Polyester Fiber Fill – soft filing for puffy seat/back cushions (popular choice for wicker furniture cushions), lumbar and throw pillows.

High Quality Urethane foam – Fire Retardant and Mold Resistant for Indoor/Outdoor use. We offer a few types of Urethane Foam.