Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve provided answers to questions we’re frequently asked. If your question isn’t here, we’ll be happy to address it one-on-one.

  • Can I buy slipcover only, no foam?

    Yes, you can purchase fabric covers only. Please select desired product, follow the steps of building a cushion until you get to the page: Foam and Cover — Covers Only — Foam Only.Select Covers Only. Please follow the rest of steps to the page where it says – Add to Cart.

    Complete your purchase.

  • Can I come in and order?

  • What shipping do you offer?

  • Can I order half trapezoidal cushion?

  • How do you ship samples?

  • Can I order fabric sample?

  • What type of fabric do you offer?

  • Can I supply my own fabric?

  • I received my cushions and don’t like fabric, what do I do?

  • It’s been more than 3 business days since I placed order, can I change fabric?

  • Sunbrella Care and Cleaning instructions.

  • How do I decide which fabric to use?

  • How do I know what cushion style do I order?

  • What do I use as a template material?

  • Can I send you my old cover?

  • I don’t see the shape I want on your site. Can I still order it?

  • How thick should I order my cushion?

  • Can I buy just foam?

  • What foam do I need?

  • Doe you offer volume and commercial discounts?

  • Can I submit my own pattern?

  • Do I need ties on my cushions?

  • What do I need to do to make changes to my order?

  • How long does it take from submitting my order to receiving it?

  • Shipping your cushions.

  • How do I measure depth for trapezoid-shaped cushions?

  • Can I use the dryer for Sunbrella fabric cushion covers?

  • What type of fabrics do you use?

  • What type of filling is the best fit for my cushions?

  • Do I need to order fabric sample?

  • How do I know my measurements are correct?